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Rederij Paping – Canal Tours in Amsterdam:

Terms of Payment of the tour
The tour can be paid while on board by cash or credit card.
Or can also be transferred to us beforehand by Paypal, only when agreed upon by email.

We don’t negotiate on previous set prices.
All of our prices are confirmed by e-mail in case of an web booking or email booking.

Terms of Cancellation
Please keep in mind that if you cancel too late, we won’t be able to arrange for other people to enjoy the tour. So our cancellation policy is:
– Call or Email us at the latest 4 hours before your tour starts (we don’t need a reason)
– Cancellation is free of charge, if met by the condition above.

If not met by these conditions, we reserve the right to sent you an invoice or keep your deposit.

Terms of Being late for a tour
We reserve the right to cancel the tour or depart (in case of a shared tour), if you don’t contact us when being late in the first 15 minutes of the tour. Please phone us at: 0031 6 53897887

Terms of This website, our logo and the website’s content
Please do not copy and use our website texts, pictures and our logo for your own commercial endeavours.

Keep in mind that our logo is a registered trademark, and therefor it would be illegal to use our logo.
Also it’s not allowed to use our guests pictures for private or commercial use. We respect our guests privacy. If you are in the picture yourself, it’s not a problem.

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