Private Tour

Some of the time it’s great to be around strangers. But Other times you want it to be a more private affair. Perhaps you want to see the canals with colleagues or clients. Maybe you want to get together with family and friends. Or are you looking for a romantic moment with just the two of you? Whatever you’re after, we can accommodate you.



We'd love to help!​

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Our boats fit up to 10 guests in comfort and in style. We have space for your refreshments as well as a roof, heating and blankets for the chilly and rainy days (it is the Netherlands after all – where the people are predictable and the weather is not). You can choose between a 1 hour, a 90 minute or 2 hour tour.

Time Duration

You can choose between a 1 hour, a 90 minute or 2 hour tour.

Available time slots:

Please click on the Book Now button (above right) and select a day in the calendar to see the available time slots on that day. If you have any questions about our schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Maximum Group size

Our boats fit up to 10 guests

Language of the Tours

This tour is available in  English and Dutch. 

Food, drink and smoking

We have a fridge on board, so feel free to bring food and drink to relax by as you cruise through the World Heritage canal district. Do make sure that you also bring cutlery, plates and cups. We do try to have these on board, but sometimes they run out. Besides, if you bring your own then we’ll use less plastic. And we’re all for that! Do note, for safety reasons we don’t allow glass on board.

You can smoke on board, though please be considerate to other people on the boat if you’re on a shared tour. Ask them if they’re okay with you smoking and offer to go onto the balcony if they object. If that’s still not okay, please wait till the tour is over.

Thank you for being so considerate.

Age & Fitness & Accessibility

We welcome all ages to attend this tour. Do keep in mind we’re not wheelchair accesible.
Let us know if you have trouble with walking stairs as the docks can sometimes have stairs.

What If It Rains?

Please dress weather appropriately. We do have a roof, windows and heated seats.
We sail all year round in all weather conditions.

Cancellations & Refunds

We are unable to issue refunds; however, we can often reschedule your tour to the next available date. If you need to reschedule a tour, you must contact us within 4 hours, before your tour starts. Our tours run rain or shine. NOTE: we are unable to hold tours longer than 10 minutes. If you are running late, or if you are unable to make your tour, please let us know, so we won’t be waiting for you to arrive.

We can pick you up anywhere within the city centre. Perhaps your hotel?  Otherwise we can also recommend the following addresses:

Below you’ll find the prices for our most popular tour durations. For other time durations, the price is on request.
To secure your booking, there is a deposit of € 20 on all private tours. 

Guests60 min90 min120 min60 min90 min120 min
1€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 95€ 142,5€ 190
2€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 100€ 150€ 200
3€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 105€ 157,5€ 210
4€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 110€ 165€ 220
5€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 115€ 172,5€ 230
6€ 90€ 135€ 180€ 120€ 180€ 240
7€ 105€ 157,5€ 210€ 140€ 210€ 280
8€ 120€ 180€ 240€ 160€ 240€ 320
9€ 135€ 202,5€ 270€ 180€ 270€ 360
10€ 150€ 225€ 300€ 200€ 300€ 400


Gift Cards and Fashion Items

Gift Card
Want to give a special gift for your friends or loved ones? This is where you buy them a canal tour!